Working with Article Newspapers

1º  Choose two articles related to the same topic (eg. music).  Teacher dictates some personal questions related to music.  In pairs, students discuss their ideas.

2º  Students in pairs are given two different articles(they can’t see each other’s articles).  They have to draw what their articles are about.  Once they have finished, swap their drawings and try to guess by the drawings and asking questions.

3º  Teacher asks students to find in the text the collocations in the article, that is words that make sense together (eg hit album, Personal Manager, rap musician….)

4º  Finally, students can write an article using some of the collocations learnt in the article

In this task.  we use different multiple intelligences (logical, linguistic, spatial, naturalistic) and skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing).

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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