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Pass the Chicken



The prop is the most important element to this game : ) To begin, all students sit in a circle. Select one person to be IT. That person holds the rubber chicken. The teacher or a “caller” … Read More ....

Pass the Paper!

crumpledI was reminded of this game while watching an excellent Korean teacher’s English lesson this week. Pass the Paper (Snowball). It’s great for online or in a regular classroom.

Students in groups pass around a crumpled piece of paper while … Read More ....

Whiteboard Soccer

Soccer is an international game and all kids are crazy about it – even girls! Whiteboard soccer is a great way to make review and quizzes fun.

Draw a soccer pitch on the board. A magnet will be the ball. Read More ....


BAAM is a game I made after a lot of thought. Many teachers told me that they were frustrated when playing games – only the high level students answered and were involved!

So I came up with BAAM and without … Read More ....

Jeopardy – student review game

Jeopardy is a great way to review your student learning and to motivate your students. Also a good game for a camp or a class that likes competition.

If you have a computer, use many of the games/templates on EFL Read More ....

Fling the Teacher review game

Fling the Teacher is a great game.

Created by Andrew Field, a history teacher, you can download the generator and get instructions on how to make your own game for reviewing your lessons.

Students love the game and try one … Read More ....