20 Questions

This is a great game to play with students and excellent for practicing question making.

1. Choose an object and students ask questions about it.  Give them question prompts to help, written on the board. For example;

Is it ….. … Read More ....


Pictionary is a language classroom staple activity.

1. One person comes to the front and starts to draw a picture.

2. The students must try to guess what the picture is before the person has

finished drawing it.

3. The … Read More ....

Music and Karaoke – Choral singing

Singing is a great way to teach English and students will enjoy it very much. One great way is to take a song which repeats a lot and give groups of students a part. One song I like to use … Read More ....

Signaling Device

Use a bell to signal stoppage and time out in your class. An acoustic signalling device really works.

Use a two step approach. One ring means “FREEZE”. Boys love freezing! Another softer ring means relax and focus attention to the … Read More ....

Fling the Teacher review game

Fling the Teacher is a great game.

Created by Andrew Field, a history teacher, you can download the generator and get instructions on how to make your own game for reviewing your lessons.

Students love the game and try one … Read More ....

The Circle Game

1. Get all the students to sit in chairs in a circle except one person who does not have a chair. This person stands in the middle of the circle.

2. The person in the middle calls out one instruction… Read More ....

Mystery Object

Bring an item that is so unusual that the learners are not likely to recognize what it is. Spend some time eliciting basic descriptions of the item and guesses about what it is and how it’s used. If possible, pass … Read More ....

Criss Cross

Learners must be seated in organized rows at least 4×4.


Have the front row of learners stand. Ask simple questions like “What day/time is it?”


 Learners raise their hands (or blurt out answers) and the first person to … Read More ....

Have you ever…?

This is great for practicing past participles and the present progressive tense.

Arrange group into a large circle with one person in the middle. The leader will prompt with the phrase “Have you ever ?”

The person in the middle … Read More ....

Show n’ Tell

This is a very basic everyday lesson starter and icebreaker.

A learner brings an item from home and talks about it in front of the group.

Give learners enough advance notice to prepare and remind them again before their turn. … Read More ....