Music and Karaoke – Choral singing

Singing is a great way to teach English and students will enjoy it very much. One great way is to take a song which repeats a lot and give groups of students a part. One song I like to use is ABC by Michael Jackson.  Give each group a task / lyric to sing… for example.

Group 1  – ABC

Group 2 –  1,2,3

Group 3 –  Do Re Mi

Group 4 –  Baby you and me girl….


The teacher or a student can sing the other lyrics. Lots of fun and it makes songs come alive…. Another great song is “That’s the way Uh huh Uh huh , I like it. Get this and the karaoke player with hundreds of songs on EFL Classroom 2.0’s Karaoke page!  It’s easy to even make your own karaoke song to play, watch the screen cast there…

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