20 Questions

This is a great game to play with students and excellent for practicing question making.

1. Choose an object and students ask questions about it.  Give them question prompts to help, written on the board. For example;

Is it ….. heavy/light/big/small/young/old/(color)/hard/soft/

Can you ……… with it?

Can it ……..it?

Does it have ….?  Does it ……?

Students guess and have 20 questions to figure it out.

Another version is to give students a handout with many pictures. They ask questions and try to guess which picture it is (under 10 questions). For example, Famous People.

If you have a computer, try 20 Questions online. Click Classic 20Q  . I recommend starting with thinking about a “chopstick” and see if the computer will guess it! It will! Make sure to have a student as the MC, asking questions for the computer…


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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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