Find someone who…

Provide students with a questionnaire like this one:

Find someone who…

1) has travelled to New York. ________

2) has been on TV. ______

3) has met a famous person. ______



The students are supposed to stand up and go around the classroom asking their classmates until someone has done so and if this is the case, his/her name should appear next to the question. Once a student finds a classmate for each question, the task finishes and the teacher should check if it is so by asking the students whose names appear next to the questions.

A follow-up task could be finding out details about each situation, such as “when did you travel to New York? How did you go there? Who did you go there with?”

The tenses the questions are made in can vary: present perfect, present simple for routines and past simple for definite past time (yesterday/last week/two years ago).

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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