Following Instructions from a Special Guest on Video

Here’s an activity that’s a fun way for students to practice listening to instructions and following them. All you need is a large TV in your classroom that can play videos, and a friend or family member from “back home” willing to help out.

Explain to students that you have a “special guest” who’s going to help us a bit later, but we need to practice first. Use this practice time to practice the related target language. For example, if you’re doing prepositions, then say things like “Put your pencil on your book,” “Put your eraser on your head,” “Put your pencil case under your chair,” and so on. Make sure students have all the “props” prepared beforehand, so that they can quickly follow your instructions!

After the students are warmed up, turn on the pre-recorded video of your friend/family member giving the same types of instructions. You probably need to provide your friend with a script, as well as instructions to speak slowly and clearly. Watch the students, and if they’re having trouble or there’s some confusion, go back and let them hear the instruction again.

It really “hooks” the students, when you have a friend or family member(s) from back home helping you out. And it’s useful to the students to hear another “foreign” voice!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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