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Student created word searches!

I’m a big fan of SCC – student created content. Instead of just handing out a photocopy or a worksheet – get the students to make the activity or worksheet!

They learn while making the content and since they have … Read More ....


Students love to talk about celebrities.

1.  Put the names of some celebrities on the board. Describe one and the students will guess who it is. Erase that name and continue until all are erased.

2. Give students a blank … Read More ....

Whisper, Draw, Write….

This is a variation of the famous “Telephone” game. 

Write a word on a slip of paper and show it to a student. This student must whisper it to the second student. Then the second student must draw a picture … Read More ....


Purchase a postcard for each member of your class (or just make some and photocopy or get a stack of free ones available at some stores. You could use this one¬†or see all our templates.). Each student writes … Read More ....

Alphabet Organizing – Categories


Graphic organizers are a great way to help students learn vocabulary or just prepare for the lesson content ahead.

This alphabet organizer is fantastic. Select a category (food, jobs, animals, clothing etc..) and then have students in pairs/groups try to … Read More ....

Find someone who…

Provide students with a questionnaire like this one:

Find someone who…

1) has travelled to New York. ________

2) has been on TV. ______

3) has met a famous person. ______



The students are supposed to stand up … Read More ....


Pictionary is a language classroom staple activity.

1. One person comes to the front and starts to draw a picture.

2. The students must try to guess what the picture is before the person has

finished drawing it.

3. The … Read More ....