Student created word searches!

I’m a big fan of SCC – student created content. Instead of just handing out a photocopy or a worksheet – get the students to make the activity or worksheet!

They learn while making the content and since they have an investment in the actual content/stuff of the lesson, they are much more motivated and it is much more tailored to their “context” and world/level.

One easy way to begin to do this is with a wordsearch.

1. Brainstorm your vocabulary on the board (give a student the chalk and step back!)

2. Hand out a blank template like this one I made. Students choose words and fill in the wordsearch, writing each word below along with a small picture beside each word (this is important, it helps students immediately recognize “meaning” . ).

3. After finishing, the student fills in the blanks with random letters.

4. Check their wordsearch and then switch with another completed student. These students “race” to finish each others wordsearch and can ask each other for any clarification.

This is the perfect way to make a wordsearch more about learning than just killing time!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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