Students love to talk about celebrities.

1.  Put the names of some celebrities on the board. Describe one and the students will guess who it is. Erase that name and continue until all are erased.

2. Give students a blank piece of paper. Give them one minute to write down the name of all the celebrities they can think of (they can write in their native script)

3. In pairs students describe and guess who their partner is describing. Continue until finished and all are crossed out.

You can also use this prepared worksheet of celebrity names!

You can even play Indian poker with celebrities. Give each student a post it note. They write one celebrity’s name on it and stick it on a classmates forehead. Students wander the class asking questions to find out who they are.  Ex. Am I a musician? Am I alive? Am I beautiful? etc…. If they guess who they are, they can sit back down!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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