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Running Dictation

# 96 Running Dictation

This activity can be used with any level – just use an appropriate text. It is great for introducing a text that you will study in depth through intensive reading. Or it can also be used … Read More ....

Go fishing!-Listening Activity

This is a very easy activity.  Easy to prepare and easy to do.  Howvever, it is very efficient to evaluate sts listening skills and to get some creativity in the listening area in your class.  I actually modified it from … Read More ....

Yes, Maybe, No

This technique can be used in many ways. It is simple and focused both on student listening skills and also creating class atmosphere.

1.  Put large posters of “Yes” and “No” at opposite ends of the classroom. (you might also … Read More ....

Pass the Paper!

crumpledI was reminded of this game while watching an excellent Korean teacher’s English lesson this week. Pass the Paper (Snowball). It’s great for online or in a regular classroom.

Students in groups pass around a crumpled piece of paper while … Read More ....

Is this yours? Possessives.

This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives.

1. Put on the board

my ….. – mine.

your ….. – yours.

his ….. – his.

her ….. – hers.

its …… – its.

our … – ours

your … Read More ....

Torn Pictures…

This is a wonderfully simple communicative activity.

Get a pile of nice magazine pictures. Next, tear or cut them into twos. Enough halves for the number of students in your classroom.

Then, give each student half a picture. They have … Read More ....

Simon Says!

   This is a classic TPR game (Total Physical   Response) and gets the students up and participating, as well as learning actively.

The teacher (or a student(s)) instructs other students to do certain actions.

Ex.  Simon says, “Touch your nose”! Read More ....

Find Someone Who Part 2

Usually, the FSW (Find Someone Who ) games entail students asking questions AND writing in names to form sentences. (find a whole pile of pre-made ones on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources)

ie. (name) loves dancing.

However, there is another … Read More ....

Silent Speaking

lipsThis is an excellent activity for students to gain awareness of pragmatical competency and pronunciation problems they may have.

In pairs, students silently “mouth” very slowly, the questions from a handout. Simple questions. Go here for many lists – use … Read More ....

Snowball Fight!

This is the perfect icebreaker and getting to know you activity! See an already made version HERE.

First, write 3 very simple sentence prompts on the board. For example something like this….

1. I like ………………………..

2. I don’t like … Read More ....