Student Names

It isn’t easy to learn so many names so fast! Here are some tips for remembering student names ( a must because when you use a student’s name, studies show they learn better/quicker! just by hearing their name!)

1.  For the first month use name tags/name cards. Make them decorative. Here are some really neat ones you can download.

2.  Use a seating plan for each class. Make your own or use this handy online printable version. Keep it at the front of the class and refer to it when you call on students. Laminate it like it is gold or make it so you can also add notes to each student’s name box.

3.  Play name games the first week of class. Find someone who is a classic. Also the circle game where students go around and introduce each other and try to remember the people before them.Ex. Hi, my name is “David” , this is …… and this is ….. and this is ……..

4.  Have the students make name flags using chopsticks! Collect them and keep in a can at the front of the class. When you call on a student or for games, draw one flag at random! Keeps things changing and helps you remember names.

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