Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Videos Overview

Hi, these are great short videos all under 4 minutes, to overview the civil rights era in the USA during the late 1950’s up to the mid 1960’s.  It finishes with MLK jr’s famous “I Have a Dream Speech.” (17 minutes)

These are for discussion purposes to build background knowledge for why we celebrate MLK Day.  Then we will read the last 2 minutes of his speech that i googled from somewhere, about 1.5 pages.

Then we will discuss and compare discrimination and racism in USA vs. home countries.

See teaching resources here. 
1. Civil Rights _Eyes on the Prize1 Intro/Overview 2:21min.

2.  Ingram Park and Civil Rights Movement Mr. Mead History 3 min.

3. KKK Then and Now National Geographic 2 min.

4.  LIttle Rock Nine Charly Palmer- Oct Gallery 3:52

5.  I have a dream speech MLK jr.  17 min.

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