Drawing and Vocabulary

Kids love to draw! Use that interest to develop their English.

This lesson recipe is my “go to” lesson. An idea which you can use at the last minute for almost any children’s class. Also a good lesson when unprepared … Read More ....

A Visual Aids Project

For group work activities:

To discover students good at drawing/painting ask them to draw a man riding a horse,a school boy running to catch the bus,a family on a picnic…etc(it’s better to provide them with the materials needed)

Once you Read More ....

Text Messaging – A writing lesson

Cellphones are the imbilical cord of today’s youth. Instead of fighting against them, let’s use this interest to get them learning English!

Transl8it.com allows the teacher to enter English text and then get the “text message” equivalent. Simply copy this … Read More ....

Guessing Games

Guessing games are a standard way to play and practice/learn vocabulary.

Simply generate with the class your vocabulary list. It can be recent vocabulary from your book/lesson/unit.

Then, the teacher describes one thing/place/person on the board and students try to … Read More ....


Those with –ken past participle sound:


speak  spoke  spoken

take     took     taken

wake    woke     waken

break   broke    broken

shake   shook   shaken


Those with –sen past participle sound


choose   chose    chosen

freeze    froze     frozen


Those with –ght … Read More ....

Backdoor – a great teaching technique

Mr. Bean works well with this technique.

Get some great Mr. Bean videos here or here.

Backdoor is a technique where in pairs students sit back to back. One student watches the screen and describes the action. The teacher … Read More ....

Talking about your family

This generates a lot of talk and students are always very interested in each other’s lives.

Write down on the board some of your own (the teacher) family names. Underneath write;

A. Who is …………………..?

B. …….. is ………..’s …………….… Read More ....

Introduce Yourself…

  This is just one of many ways your students can communicately introduce themselves.

Give each student a slip of paper. Ask them to write their name and two things they like (or you can switch this to suit your … Read More ....

Guess the Wordle – a vocab. game

Wordle is a wonderful tool for teaching English!

You can put in groups of words and then display them in a “cool” fashion. Your teenagers especially will love this personalization.

I designed a quick game of random wordles – What Read More ....

Lily knows her Geography!

This is a fun lesson. Lily is an amazing child and your students will be fascinated.

1. Choose a student and get the student standing at the front of the class. Place a map of the world at the front … Read More ....