The Yes/No Game


A simple but fun quick-fire game to liven up a class or as a reward in the final segment of a language lesson.  A student comes to the front of the class, the students choose a topic (for example, ‘Your last holiday’, ‘Your favourite food’ etc), then the class fire questions to the student.  The student has to answer the questions but cannot say the words either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.  As soon as they do, THEY ARE OUT!  Then the next student takes a turn.



  • A group of students – 1 at the front at a time, the rest play the roles of questioners
  • That’s all



1) Explain the rules

2) Call for a volunteer

3) Start the game


You can vary the speed and difficulty of the topic depending on the material you have been covering and the ability of the class.  This game is guaranteed to engage and enliven and group of students!

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