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Story Retelling

story-retellingAsk a few students to step out of the classroom.

Tell the students in the classroom a simple, step by step story. Like the 3 wishes joke maybe.
Ask the students to come back in the class.
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5wshThis is a very easy technique for making a lesson.

Take any news story or any story. Assign and have students dissect the story and fill in the 5Ws .

Use this easy template – 5ws Graphic Organizer   Bingo!

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Important Dates Of A Month

This is a real easy idea and especially good for the start of a school year or the beginning of any month or the year.

Provide students with this template and have them research all the important dates for the … Read More ....

Bucket List

Students will understand the concept of the “bucket list” but you might even show them a little clip from the famous movie so they understand this.

Then get them to write out their own bucket list and share with classmates … Read More ....

A 4 Word Story

Level: Elementary +

Aim: to revise vocabulary or grammar; to practice word order; to practice fluency

Time: 15 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening

Types of learners: auditory, visual

Material: an A5 blank piece … Read More ....

My Favorite Subject



Level: Intermediate+

Aim: to practice fluency; to practice word order; to revise vocabulary

Time: 20 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking (in variation – writing, reading)

Types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic, visual

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Inside Outside Circles

I’ve seen classrooms literally transformed when teachers start using this technique in their classrooms! It’s great for conversation based activities or taking up homework or exercises.

Inside Outside Circle is a kinesthetic activity that involves all students in the … Read More ....

The Top 100 Videos For ELT

It’s the Youtube generation we’re teaching!  Here is our recommended “best” 100 Youtube videos for teaching English.

Get the full list on EFL Classroom 2.0 + resources to download and use to teach with each video!  Click the image below … Read More ....

Comparing 2 things

Many teachers use a Venn Diagram for comparing 2 things (items, events, ideas, movies, books, etc …) Get a list of things to compare here.

I like this simple organizer I designed. A little clearer and structured.

Makes for a … Read More ....

Alexa Says …

A very simple recipe. Play this video (or any video of Alexa commands) and pause after the command. Get students to guess what Alexa will reply.  Simple, beautiful and fun lesson!  Maybe even bring Alexa to class to!

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