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X-mas Gift exchange

First, come to class with some pictures you’ve cut out of a newspaper or magazine. Nice gift ideas. Tell the students it’s Christmas and walk around the class giving items. Stop at a student, handing them the picture and … Read More ....

X-mas Cards

This is a simple idea. Why not have your students make and write nice Christmas cards for each other?

Simply use these templates or have them draw their own.

First, review how to write a card by doing one as … Read More ....

Great Toy Robbery

This lesson is simple and a wonderful way to celebrate X-mas. Get more Xmas video ideas on ELT Buzz’s  Xmas video page.

1. Watch The Great Toy Robbery. Put students in pairs and have one watch the screen, the other … Read More ....

Map it – Vocab. Technique

   I learned this just recently in a staff workshop (shows the power of peer learning/sharing!). thanks Rona!


Whatever vocabulary list / word bank you have – you can map it! Yes, just ask the students to draw a … Read More ....

Angel vs Devil

This is a great way for students to practice using sequential transitions (Firstly / Furthermore / last but not least).Great for just speaking practice but also presentation or debate classess.

Provide the class with a list of topics (City living … Read More ....

Story Dominoes

Telling stories is great in the classroom. Add a little “imagination” and chance and you have a great recipe!

Story Dominoes is a great concept. Just get a lot of varying pictures. Cut them up and students in groups of … Read More ....


Exposing students to a wide range of accents of both native and second language speakers is a recipe that must be cooked up for intermediate and advanced learners.

One great place for this would be The Speech Accent Archive . … Read More ....

SCC – Student Created Content

I’m a big fan of student created content. That’s my own term for resources which aren’t from the textbook but from the student’s own aprior knowledge, world and mind. Personalized teaching.

Students create the materials for learning/practicing English. In doing … Read More ....

Is this yours? Possessives.

This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives.

1. Put on the board

my ….. – mine.

your ….. – yours.

his ….. – his.

her ….. – hers.

its …… – its.

our … – ours

your … Read More ....

Same Sounds Bingo

First, hand out a list of sixteen homophone pairs to your students, such as tale and tail, night and knight, etc…

These lists can be readily found online or you can make your own. You might need to take some … Read More ....