Category: High School

Guessing about the Classroom competition

Seat TWO students at the front of the class facing the white/black board with the other students looking on. The two students are both given a chance to answer each question and they are awarded points for correct answers.

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Each student is given a VERB. (See that it is suitable for the level of the class).

In pairs or as a whole class, discover the VERB through QUESTIONS.

The nonsense word “BLIP” should be substituted for the target VERB.… Read More ....

Unfortunately / Fortunately

Help your students learn to think positively with the game Fortunately-Unfortunately.

One player begins with an unfortunate statement like, “Unfortunately, there is a bat in the car.”

The next player has to counter with something more fortunate like, “Fortunately, I … Read More ....

Jeopardy – student review game

Jeopardy is a great way to review your student learning and to motivate your students. Also a good game for a camp or a class that likes competition.

If you have a computer, use many of the games/templates on EFL Read More ....

20 Questions

This is a great game to play with students and excellent for practicing question making.

1. Choose an object and students ask questions about it.  Give them question prompts to help, written on the board. For example;

Is it ….. … Read More ....

Music and Karaoke – Choral singing

Singing is a great way to teach English and students will enjoy it very much. One great way is to take a song which repeats a lot and give groups of students a part. One song I like to use … Read More ....

The Circle Game

1. Get all the students to sit in chairs in a circle except one person who does not have a chair. This person stands in the middle of the circle.

2. The person in the middle calls out one instruction… Read More ....

Mystery Object

Bring an item that is so unusual that the learners are not likely to recognize what it is. Spend some time eliciting basic descriptions of the item and guesses about what it is and how it’s used. If possible, pass … Read More ....

Criss Cross

Learners must be seated in organized rows at least 4×4.


Have the front row of learners stand. Ask simple questions like “What day/time is it?”


 Learners raise their hands (or blurt out answers) and the first person to … Read More ....

Have you ever…?

This is great for practicing past participles and the present progressive tense.

Arrange group into a large circle with one person in the middle. The leader will prompt with the phrase “Have you ever ?”

The person in the middle … Read More ....