Author: David Deubelbeiss

David is an author, professor of TESOL and teacher trainer with over 25 years of teaching experience. You can find him on ELT Buzz or LinkedIN ELT Professionals. Home page -

Classroom Decorating

Every teacher sooner or later will have to decorate their classroom. It may seem daunting but it can be really fun IF you make the students part of this. Get the students to make the decorations and let them be … Read More ....

Sentence Starters

Chunks, language and sentence starters are things that all learners must master. Students learn set phrases, useful for any language function and set occassion … at the bank, ordering a pizza, clarifying information etc …

One great recipe for teachers … Read More ....

Teaching Listening. Recipes And Resources


These tried and true listening activities will help you get your students listening and communicating in English. The recipes work with most teaching scenarios and situations. Just modify the basic recipe with your own basic ingredients (age, level, topic).

This Read More ....

Guess The Price

Bringing reality into the classroom is so important.  Language is something we use in the real world and so it is incumbent that teachers link their lessons to actual use in the wider world.

One nice example is a – … Read More ....

Music Works

One recipe for teachers is to think of music differently. Not just as a way of studying language – listening to words but also as a way of classroom management or creating classroom atmosphere.

Here are a few ways music Read More ....

Post It Notes

Post It Notes – small things but so useful!   Get students using them to label the things in the classroom.  Or get students putting them on their desk into categories, writing the vocabulary on the note.  Or have students go … Read More ....

Alphabet Cards

Simple activity for beginners.   Helps them to learn how to spell basic words.

Download and print out a set of alphabet cards.

Call out a word and students spell it using the letter cards.  Get students to challenge each … Read More ....

Simple Dictogloss

You can use a dictogloss task to practise all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), along with grammar or lexis.  See a nice explanation HERE.

If the topic of the week is sport, create a short text about sport, … Read More ....

Weekly Quiz

Divide learners into teams of four. Write a word that you introduced last week on the whiteboard, like:

  • loyal (adjective)

Ask learners to agree on:

  • the definition (faithful, devoted to someone/something)
  • the noun (loyalty)
  • the negative form (disloyal)
  • a common
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Vocabulary Pyramids

I adapted this idea from the Hot Spot series of young learner coursebooks, and use it to review vocabulary from previous lessons.

At the start of a lesson, I ask learners to write the names of:

  • one activity
  • two animals
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