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This is an easy but fun lesson to practice geography, question making and language skills. 1. Choose one student who comes to the front of the class. 2. The student writes in big letters on a piece of paper with marker, a country or place in the world.  3. Students have 10 guesses/questions and after […]

Level – Elementary and Up Objective – Depending on the level: Vocab. Building (Demographic Country Terms) Describing a Country Basic question formation Procedure – Begin the class by drawing a big map of your country on the board.  Put some cities in, roads, mountains, etc (This should take less than a minute).  Ask the class […]

[youtube]bNF_P281Uu4[/youtube] These series of videos are amazingly effective for classroom instruction. They also give students a view of the world and are a great global issues primer. Matt “danced” his way around the world. Here are several ways to use these videos in the classroom … Download all the Matt videos or stream in high […]

This is a fun lesson. Lily is an amazing child and your students will be fascinated. 1. Choose a student and get the student standing at the front of the class. Place a map of the world at the front of the class. 2. Show the video of Lily. When she is asked to find […]

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