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   Foldables are a great way to make your lessons “active” and also more about fostering thinking skills. They can be of all sorts. Just start with a piece (or pieces) of paper and get the students folding and labeling.  Like HERE. They can be as elaborate as Accordion Books or as simple as a 4 […]

Arts and crafts are great for young learners. Get cooking and using these “real recipes” to create some clay and play dough for language learning. Get the students to challenge each other by moulding something while the others guess what it is! Or, create combination things to practice compound words “dog chair”  or a Bat […]

Children, especially young boys, love cars! Pop up cars are great for talking about colors and car vocabulary. Get the children coloring their cars and then cut them out, fold and show and tell to the whole class! They will love their cars! Get the pop up cars on EFL Classroom 2.0 , here. The […]

This is a wonderful idea. Just go to this site (or make your own) and print out great dice!  Put your own pictures on the dice or have the students draw or use theirs. Next, students use the picture dice to practice your target language. For example, if you have pictures of actions, and are […]

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