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Last One Standing Song Game

This game is fantastic!  Select some vocabulary from a song your student’s enjoy (select words that repeat a lot). Then, ask them to choose and write in large letters, one of those words/phrases.

Divide the students into groups.  The students … Read More ....

Yellow Card / Red Card

Soccer is an international sport and students really understand the yellow card / red card system. Make yourself a card and use it as a great classroom management tool!

Yellow is a warning. Make sure to make eye contact when … Read More ....

Listening Recipes

Here’s a bunch of listening recipes!  Just read to your heart’s delight. Lots of small ideas that foster student listening skills and really make a difference in creating a fun and engaging classroom.

Intensive Listening Activities

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2 Truths, 1 Lie Game

This is a standard EFL game and a great way to icebreak and get students to know about each other.

1. Write 3 sentences about yourself on the board. Use sentence starters, for example:

A) I like to ……………… in … Read More ....

What’s the first word you think of when I say…….?

I use this activity as a warm up with students. They love it and it really gets them producing and reviewing their own stored language and also becoming quicker at responding in English (and not translating).

1. Ask students at … Read More ....

Word Bean Bag Toss

Tossing bean bags is a great way to get students speaking and turn taking ( a valuable and essential language skill). You can use them to tell stories, ask and answer questions, respond with “first word you think of…” etc…..… Read More ....

Total Physical Response

Total Physical Response is a very active way to teach English. Young learners really enjoy it.

Basically review the content and vocabulary by having the students repeat your sentences and perform an action at the same time. ex. It is … Read More ....


This is a very simple exercise that you can use everyday when using flashcards to make it much easier & more fun!

Go through your flashcards with the children first…and when finished, lay them down face up around the children.… Read More ....

Who would win – Mighty Mouse or Superman?

In the movie Stand by Me, there is a scene where the boys debate who would win in a fight, Mighty Mouse or Superman.

This inspired me to do the following lesson:

All that you need for this is a … Read More ....

Zip Zap

Get them to play zap! Loads of fun and once they know how to play, you just sit back and relax.

Get them in a circle standing. One student starts in the middle. The student in the middle is the … Read More ....