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Most enthusiastic language teachers “Go To Pieces”, meaning they literally use material that is in pieces and compels students to practice and communicate. At its heart, “pieces” is a way of teaching that puts communication at the core of language teaching and learning. Think about it. “Pieces” as an approach or frame, stretches over a […]

Using a timer in class is really something that is invaluable and maybe even a MUST for a teacher. Students need to know how long a task will take and a timer is a perfect way to let them know! Especially for writing exercises and tests. Further, I’ve even seen teachers use it as a […]

Guessing games are a standard way to play and practice/learn vocabulary. Simply generate with the class your vocabulary list. It can be recent vocabulary from your book/lesson/unit. Then, the teacher describes one thing/place/person on the board and students try to guess. Only one guess / student or team ( or you will have some students […]

Mr. Bean works well with this technique. Get some great Mr. Bean videos here or here. Backdoor is a technique where in pairs students sit back to back. One student watches the screen and describes the action. The teacher can write vocab. on the board to prompt student talk. Continue for a few minutes then […]

Drop Everything And Read celebrates the power of SSR (sustained silent reading). Our students can acquire powerful amounts of vocabulary and lexical/linguistic knowledge by learning language within the context of a story/book. Stephen Krashen is one of ELT’s biggest advocates of “The Power of Reading” and he advocates we get our students reading lots of […]

  2 Way Tasks are a staple of English Language Teaching. In the typical 2 way task, each student (A and B) have some information and some information missing. they must communicate to fill in their missing information. Here are some , examples of 2 way tasks, I put together. Very teacher friendly, just photocopy […]

  Stories are great in the classroom. A good narrative, really provides ideal context to learn language, even better if they have pictures. The best and easiest way to “teach” a story is to tell it through prediction. Get the students in a comfortable area if possible and read them the book, showing the pictures. […]

This video presentation I made, has many recipes and ideas for teachers. All the activities are basic EFL activities that help teachers personalize lesson content and allow students to talk and learn English through their own lives and experiences. This is a crucial part of the language acquisition process….   Enjoy the viewing and find […]

Total Physical Response is a very active way to teach English. Young learners really enjoy it. Basically review the content and vocabulary by having the students repeat your sentences and perform an action at the same time. ex. It is raining! (action – hands/fingers moving down). You can also play some pretty cool games with […]

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