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This activity is used as a “getting to know you”, icebreaker on the first day of class. 1. Teacher takes the toilet paper roll and takes several squares of toilet paper, then hands the roll of toilet paper to a student. The teacher tells the student to take some, more than three. 2. After everybody […]

This discussion activity really ceaches students to listen to each other. Start the activity by making statements for the class but “coughing / mumbling or saying “blablabla”. Ex. I went to the &&)))*** last night.  Students ask for clarification using the prompt on the board. Low: Excuse me, what did you say? High:  Excuse me […]

Really simple to do.  Just play a clip of a movie and prepare some discussion questions on powerpoint.  Questions can be simple comprehension or can be more indepth, it’s up to you.  You can put students in pairs, small groups of 3-4 or have a large class discussion.  I recently did a book/movie unit with […]

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This small group discussion game is excellent because students talk about their own lives and the other students ask further questions and become really curious. Use these cards. Model with the whole class by giving selected students cards and they will ask the teacher. Ex. Tell us about what you ate for dinner?  The teacher […]

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