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Asking your questions TEACHING NOTES ACTIVITY Students get a chance to ask each other questions, then try to guess the original questions based on a handful of answers. GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY Questions LEVEL B1 – above TIME 30 minutes WHAT TO DO 1. Before class, make copies of the handout (see at the end of this recipe). […]

I got this one from EFL Classroom 2.0. There is a ppt you can use to do dialogues which is cool.    Disappearing dialogues is a very much used language teaching technique 1. Elicit and write the dialogue. Or use a prepared dialogue. 2. Students practice in pairs.   3. Once they are comfortable with […]

              The weather is a standard topic and beyond reviewing the vocabulary (which you can do with this powerpoint I made ) , you can really do it communicatively by getting students to do / practice weather reports! After going through the vocabulary and asking students “What’s the weather […]

This discussion activity really ceaches students to listen to each other. Start the activity by making statements for the class but “coughing / mumbling or saying “blablabla”. Ex. I went to the &&)))*** last night.  Students ask for clarification using the prompt on the board. Low: Excuse me, what did you say? High:  Excuse me […]

  This is just one of many ways your students can communicately introduce themselves. Give each student a slip of paper. Ask them to write their name and two things they like (or you can switch this to suit your class – like from? / Nationality? job? etc…). Next, students stand up and introduce themselves […]

This is an excellent way to get students speaking and to practice “home” related vocabulary and prepositions. 1.  Warm up by quizzing students about prepositions. Take a pen and place it around your body. Ask, “Where’s the pen?”.  Place it in some funny places! 2. In pairs with a pen, students practice and do the […]

This is a great way to get students communicating authentically! You can start each class with some spins of the wheel! Get Spin the Question HERE on EFL Classroom 2.0. Just spin and the students must ask a question for that number. Who / What / How / Why / Where etc…. Another variation is […]

This is a great way to get students expressing how they feel. Brainstorm together on the board, ways to express how you like or don’t like something. Put in some idioms (It sucks! / Sweet! ).  Or the teacher can put up some ways and then ask students how they feel about ……? Students respond. […]

Show a picture and have learners take turns saying one descriptive thing about it. Beginners can make simple observations like “three cats” while advanced students can make up a story to go with the picture. They aren’t allowed to repeat what someone else said, so they need to pay attention when each person speaks.

This small group discussion game is excellent because students talk about their own lives and the other students ask further questions and become really curious. Use these cards. Model with the whole class by giving selected students cards and they will ask the teacher. Ex. Tell us about what you ate for dinner?  The teacher […]

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