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Using a timer in class is really something that is invaluable and maybe even a MUST for a teacher. Students need to know how long a task will take and a timer is a perfect way to let them know! Especially for writing exercises and tests. Further, I’ve even seen teachers use it as a […]

Mickey Mouse is the perfect way to choose a student in class. Unlike Einie Meanie Minie Moe, it  allows the students to actuall participate in choosing themselves, so the teacher can avoid any “blame”. It goes like this. For each word, point to a student. Mickey – Mouse – built – a – house. – How – […]

Here’s something one of my mentor teachers did back when I was a student teacher. I don’t have any experience using it in my own classroom, but it seemed like a good idea… Many classrooms are grouped into desks, with a points reward system where each group can earn points during class by actively participating […]

This is an idea for improving the co-operative spirit in the classroom (or as some may refer to it, “classroom management”). I learned it from a teacher trainer in Canada, as part of a seminar on “Assertive Discipline.” Basically, you get a jar (an old jam jar will do, or else some small piece of […]

Put a box on your desk and tell the students if they have any thoughts, to write them down on a piece of paper WITHOUT A NAME and put it in the box. Once a week, look in the box for any good ideas. Give feedback by posting on a bulletin board. Students can read […]

Signaling Device

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21 Jul 2009

Use a bell to signal stoppage and time out in your class. An acoustic signalling device really works. Use a two step approach. One ring means “FREEZE”. Boys love freezing! Another softer ring means relax and focus attention to the front. This really works well and train your students to listen well….. Also get more […]

Soccer is an international sport and students really understand the yellow card / red card system. Make yourself a card and use it as a great classroom management tool! Yellow is a warning. Make sure to make eye contact when you give it . But don’t make a big fuss either. Red card is a […]

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