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Teaching Recipes Newsletter

We now have a newsletter!

Several times a week, I’ll write about a teaching material and topic.  I’ll provide a recipe for using the material and suggestions to adapt it for your own classroom.

There already is a large archive … Read More ....

Video Lessons Galore


ELT Buzz Teaching Resources has 100s of quality prepared video lessons.  See our Top 100 list. Also, we have a player featuring videos we have videos for – EFL Video Lessons.

There you can scroll through a player … Read More ....

Mr. X – Story book writing

Writing storybooks is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocabulary. It also gives students confidence and pride in “producing” something visible and tangible to measure their English language learning experience.

There are several steps to making a storybook and … Read More ....

Personalized Lesson activities

This video presentation I made, has many recipes and ideas for teachers.

All the activities are basic EFL activities that help teachers personalize lesson content and allow students to talk and learn English through their own lives and experiences. This … Read More ....

Listening Recipes

Here’s a bunch of listening recipes!  Just read to your heart’s delight. Lots of small ideas that foster student listening skills and really make a difference in creating a fun and engaging classroom.

Intensive Listening Activities

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