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Guess The Price

Bringing reality into the classroom is so important.  Language is something we use in the real world and so it is incumbent that teachers link their lessons to actual use in the wider world.

One nice example is a – … Read More ....

Name 3


A simple game. Write a bunch of categories and have students brainstorm 3 things for each category.

Then take up with the groups in turn. Each thing not repeated gets a point. Continue with all categories. Most points win.

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Body English

Especially for beginners – what I call “Body English” is a great technique. 

Start with letters / spelling and numbers.  

1. Bring a student to the front of the class.  

2. “Draw” a number or spell a simple … Read More ....

What’s the weather like in …….?

The weather is a standard topic and beyond reviewing the vocabulary (which you can do with these resources) , you can really do it communicatively by getting students to do / practice weather reports!

After going through the vocabulary … Read More ....


Purchase a postcard for each member of your class (or just make some and photocopy or get a stack of free ones available at some stores. You could use this one or see all our templates.). Each student writes … Read More ....