Scavenger Hunt

So, all of my students have their own cell phones, most of which have cameras, right?  I decided to use this to my advantage and have the kids to a scavenger hunt.  I made a list of things they had to find around the school and surrounding grounds (things like “three colors of flower,” “your favorite place in school,” “your homeroom class.”  Also, there were a few activities they had to do–“write a sentence in English in the soccer field sand,” “spell an English word using your body to make the letters.” 


For each item, they had to answer a question about the picture they took.  Questions were along the lines of “What colors were the flowers?”  “What sentence did you write in the sand?”


They had a blast.  They really enjoyed being able to roam around the school, and they love using their phones.  After they finished, I talked with each group about what they found and looked at their pictures.  It was great fun.


Note: I used this for my English summer camp, so it was with a group of students who were trustworthy and it was during a time when there were only a few other classes going on.  It may be harder to use during the actual school year, but not impossible.

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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