Action Man – Describe The Action

Students simply describe what Action Man is doing. Pause and then have students describe the stunt. They’ll love the challenge!

Download and view the video HERE


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Alexa Says …

A very simple recipe. Play this video (or any video of Alexa commands) and pause after the command. Get students to guess what Alexa will reply.  Simple, beautiful and fun lesson!  Maybe even bring Alexa to class to!

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Research A Famous Person

This is a simple activity but very student centered with lots of speaking practice.

  1. get students researching a famous person using the attached template. Research A Famous Person PDF
  2. students present the info. about their famous person.
  3. ask and answer
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Board Race

A classic.

Board Race is a fun game that is used for revising vocabulary, whether it be words from the lesson you’ve just taught or words from a lesson you taught last week. It can also be used at the … Read More ....

Scavenger Hunt

In small groups, students have a list of 34 common items that they will have to collect in a given amount of time. To do this, they will need to ask other students in class if they can borrow an … Read More ....

Class “Chain” activity

This idea can be used for any category to see who in the class likes X or Y. Here’s an example using pop groups.

Brainstorm some of the student’s favorite pop groups.

Write them on the board along with ways … Read More ....

Winners and Losers

As a warm up today I passed out playing cards to my 34 5th graders (face down on desk).

I had them place the cards on their foreheads without looking. I cautioned them that they were NOT to indicate (with … Read More ....

Top 10 Guessing

This is a recipe for any kind of theme.  

1. Ask the students, what are the top 10 X (example. Cities in the world – see as youtube video below and here as a gif book)

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Video Lessons Galore


ELT Buzz Teaching Resources has 100s of quality prepared video lessons.  See our Top 100 list. Also, we have a player featuring videos we have videos for – EFL Video Lessons.

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The Black Hole

This video makes a great prediction or writing exercise. Just stop and pause and then students guess what happens next. Loads of possibilities to teach with this.

Get the video and teaching resources here. 

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