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This technique can be used in many ways. It is simple and focused both on student listening skills and also creating class atmosphere. 1.  Put large posters of “Yes” and “No” at opposite ends of the classroom. (you might also use “Rocks! – Sucks!  or “I think so” or “I don’t think so” etc….) 2.  […]

I’m a big fan of student created content. That’s my own term for resources which aren’t from the textbook but from the student’s own aprior knowledge, world and mind. Personalized teaching. Students create the materials for learning/practicing English. In doing so, they are more interested in the topic because it is from themselves and also […]

   Foldables are a great way to make your lessons “active” and also more about fostering thinking skills. They can be of all sorts. Just start with a piece (or pieces) of paper and get the students folding and labeling.  Like HERE. They can be as elaborate as Accordion Books or as simple as a 4 […]

This is a nice way to get students to know each other.   Make a quick organizer for writing. Have the students fold an A4 “hamburger” like, 4 times. They will have 8 lines for writing when they unfold it. They must write 8 sentences about themselves, all beginning with “I am….”.  Teacher monitors.  Next, […]

Writing storybooks is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocabulary. It also gives students confidence and pride in “producing” something visible and tangible to measure their English language learning experience. There are several steps to making a storybook and I’ll use my own Mr. X’s incredible Day/Yesterday as an example. Get the ppt/video here […]

Kids love to draw! Use that interest to develop their English. This lesson recipe is my “go to” lesson. An idea which you can use at the last minute for almost any children’s class. Also a good lesson when unprepared or just plain tired/hungover! (it happens). Give each student a blank A4 piece of paper. […]

This generates a lot of talk and students are always very interested in each other’s lives. Write down on the board some of your own (the teacher) family names. Underneath write; A. Who is …………………..? B. …….. is ………..’s ……………. A. ……………………………? Students ask the teacher about the family members on the board. The teacher […]

  This is just one of many ways your students can communicately introduce themselves. Give each student a slip of paper. Ask them to write their name and two things they like (or you can switch this to suit your class – like from? / Nationality? job? etc…). Next, students stand up and introduce themselves […]

Wordle is a wonderful tool for teaching English! You can put in groups of words and then display them in a “cool” fashion. Your teenagers especially will love this personalization. I designed a quick game of random wordles – What The Wordle?!. Students make guesses and if correct get points. If they add more words […]

A piece of paper, a chalkboard and a pair of scissors are a teacher’s best friends.  Tr.uly, let me explain with this one activity. 1. Give each student a blank piece of paper. 2. Ask them to fold it “hamburger”, once, twice, three times. Unfold! 3. They will see 8 blocks for writing. In the […]

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