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This game is also known as 7 up. Select 4-5 students and give them a flashcard/picture. All other students put their heads down and one thumb up. The other students go around the classroom and gently squeeze one student’s thumb. They return to the front of the class. The student’s whose thumbs were squeezed stand […]

If you are teaching children, you’ll need to put up an alphabet chain above the chalkboard (that’s the perfect place and allows you to use for all kinds of games etc…).  It is very easy and the BEST by far is by Jan Brett and incredible artist, teacher and sharer. Get the alphabet cards here […]

Show n’ Tell

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21 Jul 2009

This is a very basic everyday lesson starter and icebreaker. A learner brings an item from home and talks about it in front of the group. Give learners enough advance notice to prepare and remind them again before their turn. Have a back up plan in case the learner forgets to bring an item. Beginners […]

Get them to play zap! Loads of fun and once they know how to play, you just sit back and relax. Get them in a circle standing. One student starts in the middle. The student in the middle is the boss, what they say goes. Object is last person standing. The “boss” spins around pointing […]

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