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This is a great idea for the start of the year.  Give each group of students some card board strips of paper. Also some tape.  Students brainstorm the names of all things in the classroom (in English!).  Then, ask them to go tape the names up around the classroom. First come, first server. After, take […]

If you are teaching children, you’ll need to put up an alphabet chain above the chalkboard (that’s the perfect place and allows you to use for all kinds of games etc…).  It is very easy and the BEST by far is by Jan Brett and incredible artist, teacher and sharer. Get the alphabet cards here […]

Every week put up a large piece of chart paper on the classroom wall. Get a marker on string and tie it nearby. Students can go there and write new vocabulary they have learned or just put up graffiti and express themselves. Take a picture of it each week and put them together in a […]

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