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This idea works well in pairs.  Model in front of the class first.    1. Write numbers or letters on the back of a student/classmate by using your finger. 2. The classmate guesses the number/letter. 3. Make it more advanced. Larger numbers / words.    You can also do a variation of this by doing […]

  This is a very simple way to brainstorm and practice    vocabulary. Alphabet organizing!   Simply use this handy organizer and get the students to list all the vocab for a certain topic (at the beach, at the restaurant, animals, jobs etc…). Afterwards, you can use this for assessment or simply play a game of […]

If you are teaching children, you’ll need to put up an alphabet chain above the chalkboard (that’s the perfect place and allows you to use for all kinds of games etc…).  It is very easy and the BEST by far is by Jan Brett and incredible artist, teacher and sharer. Get the alphabet cards here […]

Graphic organizers are a great way to help students learn vocabulary or just prepare for the lesson content ahead. This alphabet organizer is fantastic. Select a category (food, jobs, animals, clothing etc..) and then have students in pairs/groups try to come up with as many words for the alphabet organizer as possible. Also get them […]

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