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This is a nice way to get students to know each other.


Make a quick organizer for writing. Have the students fold an A4 “hamburger” like, 4 times. They will have 8 lines for writing when they unfold it.

They must write 8 sentences about themselves, all beginning with “I am….”.  Teacher monitors. 

Next, go around the class with students reading their poem in total or just in parts, taking turns to tell about themselves. The teacher MUST make one too!

Extension: Time permitting, have students tear along the folds and have sentence strips. Gather them, mix and redistribute. Students go around asking…”Do you…..? If yes, they return their sentence strip. Continue until they have no sentence strips left and then sit down. When all students are sitting down, the task is finished….

See Grammar Poems for another nice, similar writing activity.


Who Am I ?, 3.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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