What’s the weather like in …….?

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The weather is a standard topic and beyond reviewing the vocabulary (which you can do with this powerpoint I made ) , you can really do it communicatively by getting students to do / practice weather reports!

After going through the vocabulary and asking students “What’s the weather like in…..? or …today? –  Give them a map of their own country.  Ask them to draw weather symbols on the map and also numbers for high/low temperatures. Model this by doing your own on the board then giving each student a map.

Elicit student language. Here’s an example from the British Council.   Ask students – What’s the weather like in …..?  What the temperature in….? 

Students make their own weather map and then present or answer questions with other students. Finally, get a few students to do a weather TV report and/or show an actual video of a news report. 

You will also amaze students with this real time “World Sunlight Map“.

What's the weather like in .......? , 4.0 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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