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Everyone loves movies! This is a great idea and a great way to have a very light but powerful lesson. 1.   Write some names of movies on the board.    Then give students 4 hints about one movie.  See if they can guess. Continue until all are off the board. 2.  Students have 2 […]

If you have a screen and projector – using video in class brings amazing power – the power of context, into your teaching. The classroom no longer has 4 walls!  Here is one quick idea. Use the video  When I grow Up . The students watch and note all the jobs they can possible note […]

It would be great to get students working in teams to write up a dialogue for this cool google doodle video a la Charlie Chaplin. Then play the video as students read out/perform their dialogue. Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

This recipe is for intermediate or higher levels. But the video can be used for all levels really. This video is superb! It has verbs linked to nouns in categories (Play / Blow etc… see the worksheet). Watch the video first and see if students can find the verbs that are shown in context. Next, […]

This lesson is simple and a wonderful way to celebrate X-mas.Get more resources/ideas on EFL Classroom’s Xmas resource page.   1. Watch The Great Toy Robbery. Put students in pairs and have one watch the screen, the other look away. Partner A describes what he is watching to Partner B who can’t see. Switch part […]

[youtube]bNF_P281Uu4[/youtube] These series of videos are amazingly effective for classroom instruction. They also give students a view of the world and are a great global issues primer. Matt “danced” his way around the world. Here are several ways to use these videos in the classroom … Download all the Matt videos or stream in high […]

Mr. Bean works well with this technique. Get some great Mr. Bean videos here or here. Backdoor is a technique where in pairs students sit back to back. One student watches the screen and describes the action. The teacher can write vocab. on the board to prompt student talk. Continue for a few minutes then […]

This is a fun lesson. Lily is an amazing child and your students will be fascinated. 1. Choose a student and get the student standing at the front of the class. Place a map of the world at the front of the class. 2. Show the video of Lily. When she is asked to find […]

Short videos like those on Youtube or EFL Classroiom, are perfect “engaging” starters for great language learning. Here are some suggestions on how to use videos which have vocabulary in them, like this favorite, the Elephant Song. [youtube]8cBtid-v_JE[/youtube] Play the video and give students a task. This is so important! The task must be VERY […]

Video is used a lot by teachers. However, sometimes the internet isn’t reliable so you shouldn’t count on it! But no worries, just use KeepVid and you can enter the youtube video url/address and it will download the video to your desktop. Just rename and it is yours to play whenever you want! Try doing […]

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