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Put a box on your desk and tell the students if they have any thoughts, to write them down on a piece of paper WITHOUT A NAME and put it in the box. Once a week, look in the box for any good ideas. Give feedback by posting on a bulletin board. Students can read […]

Video is used a lot by teachers. However, sometimes the internet isn’t reliable so you shouldn’t count on it! But no worries, just use KeepVid and you can enter the youtube video url/address and it will download the video to your desktop. Just rename and it is yours to play whenever you want! Try doing […]

Signaling Device

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21 Jul 2009

Use a bell to signal stoppage and time out in your class. An acoustic signalling device really works. Use a two step approach. One ring means “FREEZE”. Boys love freezing! Another softer ring means relax and focus attention to the front. This really works well and train your students to listen well….. Also get more […]

This video presentation I made, has many recipes and ideas for teachers. All the activities are basic EFL activities that help teachers personalize lesson content and allow students to talk and learn English through their own lives and experiences. This is a crucial part of the language acquisition process….   Enjoy the viewing and find […]

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