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Each student is given a VERB. (See that it is suitable for the level of the class). In pairs or as a whole class, discover the VERB through QUESTIONS. The nonsense word “BLIP” should be substituted for the target VERB.   Write sample QUESTIONS on the board When / Where / Why / How do […]

This is a great game to play with students and excellent for practicing question making. 1. Choose an object and students ask questions about it.  Give them question prompts to help, written on the board. For example; Is it ….. heavy/light/big/small/young/old/(color)/hard/soft/ Can you ……… with it? Can it …… Does it have ….?  Does it […]

Bring an item that is so unusual that the learners are not likely to recognize what it is. Spend some time eliciting basic descriptions of the item and guesses about what it is and how it’s used. If possible, pass the item around. This is an activity in observation and inference, so don’t answer questions. […]

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