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Put the students in small groups, and ask each group to plan a vacation for you. They must plan where you will go, what you will do, who you will go with, and what you will buy. Give them some chart paper to plan out the vacation. When they are finished, have each group present […]

This is a wonderful idea. Just go to this site (or make your own) and print out great dice!  Put your own pictures on the dice or have the students draw or use theirs. Next, students use the picture dice to practice your target language. For example, if you have pictures of actions, and are […]

1. One person comes to the front and starts to draw a picture. 2. The students must try to guess what the picture is before the person has finished drawing it. 3. The person who guesses correctly comes to the front to draw another picture.   Try the sketch slide show from Odopod. Also, use […]

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Singing is a great way to teach English and students will enjoy it very much. One great way is to take a song which repeats a lot and give groups of students a part. One song I like to use is ABC by Michael Jackson.  Give each group a task / lyric to sing… for […]

1. Get all the students to sit in chairs in a circle except one person who does not have a chair. This person stands in the middle of the circle. 2. The person in the middle calls out one instruction. eg, “Change if you are wearing a green shirt.” 3. All the people wearing a white shirt […]

Learners must be seated in organized rows at least 4×4.   Have the front row of learners stand. Ask simple questions like “What day/time is it?”    Learners raise their hands (or blurt out answers) and the first person to answer correctly may sit down. The last standing learner’s line (front-to-back) must stand and the […]

This game is fantastic!  Select some vocabulary from a song your student’s enjoy (select words that repeat a lot). Then, ask them to choose and write in large letters, one of those words/phrases. Divide the students into groups.  The students stand up showing everyone their word and holding it high. Play the song and students […]

One child sits in a chair and has to answer the questions of classmates with the word “banana” without changing their facial expression or smiling. Continue until they lose or can’t be beat!

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