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This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives. 1. Put on the board my ….. – mine. your ….. – yours. his ….. – his. her ….. – hers. its …… – its. our … – ours your … – yours their ….. theirs. 2. Prior to the class while students are waiting, […]

This is a wonderfully simple communicative activity. Get a pile of nice magazine pictures. Next, tear or cut them into twos. Enough halves for the number of students in your classroom. Then, give each student half a picture. They have to walk around the class describing their picture and finding their torn “match”. Once they […]

   This is a classic TPR game (Total Physical   Response) and gets the students up and participating, as well as learning actively. The teacher (or a student(s)) instructs other students to do certain actions. Ex.  Simon says, “Touch your nose”! or Simon says, “jump up and down”. If the caller doesn’t say “Simon says” and […]

Usually the FSW (Find Someone Who ) games entail students asking questions AND writing in names to form sentences. (find a whole pile of pre made ones on EFL Classroom 2.0) ie. (name) loves dancing. However, there is another option and one that even is stronger cognitvely and pedagogically. (Go here for an explanation and […]

This is an excellent activity for students to gain awareness of pragmatical competency and pronunciation problems they may have. In pairs, students silently “mouth” very slowly, the questions from a handout. Simple questions. Go here for many lists – use the simple ones like “Favorites” or “Getting to know you”.   The other student responds with […]

  This is the perfect icebreaker and getting to know you activity! First, write 3 very simple sentence prompts on the board. For example something like this…. 1. I like ……………………….. 2. I don’t like …………………… 3. I can ………………… well. (change these depending on the level of your students). Next, hand out a piece […]

This game is also known as 7 up. Select 4-5 students and give them a flashcard/picture. All other students put their heads down and one thumb up. The other students go around the classroom and gently squeeze one student’s thumb. They return to the front of the class. The student’s whose thumbs were squeezed stand […]

Help your students learn to think positively with the game Fortunately-Unfortunately. One player begins with an unfortunate statement like, “Unfortunately, there is a bat in the car.” The next player has to counter with something more fortunate like, “Fortunately, I brought along bat repellant.” Players continue to alternate between unfortunate and fortunate things until you’ve […]

1. Get all the students to sit in chairs in a circle except one person who does not have a chair. This person stands in the middle of the circle. 2. The person in the middle calls out one instruction. eg, “Change if you are wearing a green shirt.” 3. All the people wearing a white shirt […]

Learners must be seated in organized rows at least 4×4.   Have the front row of learners stand. Ask simple questions like “What day/time is it?”    Learners raise their hands (or blurt out answers) and the first person to answer correctly may sit down. The last standing learner’s line (front-to-back) must stand and the […]

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