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This is a very simple idea that works to help students talk about events and narrate a story.  

Write many ideas / vocabulary on the board, all over the board. 

ex.  A girl in pjamas,  a ball,  Thursday,  green,   Last night,  the President,  kill,  Oh, it is beautiful.  etc…. 

Start by telling the beginning to any story. Just a few lines. 

ex.  There was a man who was walking down the street. He was very poor and unemployed. He was thinking of moving to N.Y. to get a job. Suddenly …. 

Ask the Ss to finish the sentence using one of the items on the board. X it off and then continue the story, connecting to another idea.  Then stop, ask a student to continue the story using an item on the board, and so on …… Connect the ideas with a line and arrow. 

After all the ideas are connected, have students in small groups, take turns to retell the story.  Then, time permitting, have the groups retell the story but backwards! 

This idea works well with Story Dominoes. See the ppt and materials for it HERE.  Also, here are some other narrative lesson ideas. 

Story Dominoes, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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