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This is a great way to get students expressing how they feel.

Brainstorm together on the board, ways to express how you like or don’t like something. Put in some idioms (It sucks! / Sweet! ).  Or the teacher can put up some ways and then ask students how they feel about ……? Students respond.

Next, play a selection of recent pop/rap/hit music. Students should write down on paper how they feel. After you’ve played 10 or so selections, play them again and have the students in groups respond to each other how they feel about that music (It’s horrible! I love it! Cool! Wonderful! Awful!).

Maybe try this presentation of world anthems. Students can learn some Geography and also express how they feel about other countries national anthems!

It's sweet! It sucks!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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