Guess the Wordle – a vocab. game

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EFL Classroom 2.0
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Wordle is a wonderful tool for teaching English!

You can put in groups of words and then display them in a “cool” fashion. Your teenagers especially will love this personalization.

I designed a quick game of random wordles – What The Wordle?!. Students make guesses and if correct get points. If they add more words to the wordle, they even get more points. I’ll be making more and putting them up on EFL Classroom 2.0’s resource pages. Go here for them and the work/scoresheet.  Go Here for a cool Picasa webalbum version, a great way to display your student’s creations…

Get your students using wordle, a great way to practice vocabulary!

Guess the Wordle - a vocab. game, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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