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This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives. 1. Put on the board my ….. – mine. your ….. – yours. his ….. – his. her ….. – hers. its …… – its. our … – ours your … – yours their ….. theirs. 2. Prior to the class while students are waiting, […]

First, hand out a list of sixteen homophone pairs to your students, such as tale and tail, night and knight, ect. These lists can be readily found online or you can make your own. You might need to take some time to explain or review the meanings of words on the list. Next, give each […]

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   This is a classic TPR game (Total Physical   Response) and gets the students up and participating, as well as learning actively. The teacher (or a student(s)) instructs other students to do certain actions. Ex.  Simon says, “Touch your nose”! or Simon says, “jump up and down”. If the caller doesn’t say “Simon says” and […]

   Foldables are a great way to make your lessons “active” and also more about fostering thinking skills. They can be of all sorts. Just start with a piece (or pieces) of paper and get the students folding and labeling.  Like HERE. They can be as elaborate as Accordion Books or as simple as a 4 […]

Kids love to draw! Use that interest to develop their English. This lesson recipe is my “go to” lesson. An idea which you can use at the last minute for almost any children’s class. Also a good lesson when unprepared or just plain tired/hungover! (it happens). Give each student a blank A4 piece of paper. […]

Arts and crafts are great for young learners. Get cooking and using these “real recipes” to create some clay and play dough for language learning. Get the students to challenge each other by moulding something while the others guess what it is! Or, create combination things to practice compound words “dog chair”  or a Bat […]

Children, especially young boys, love cars! Pop up cars are great for talking about colors and car vocabulary. Get the children coloring their cars and then cut them out, fold and show and tell to the whole class! They will love their cars! Get the pop up cars on EFL Classroom 2.0 , here. The […]

This game is also known as 7 up. Select 4-5 students and give them a flashcard/picture. All other students put their heads down and one thumb up. The other students go around the classroom and gently squeeze one student’s thumb. They return to the front of the class. The student’s whose thumbs were squeezed stand […]

This is a fun way to teach English “physically”. Students spell words on the back of their partner who must guess what they wrote!  Also, do the same thing but this time, they write on the palm of their partner (who has their eyes closed). Also try Skywriting.  The teacher writes in the sky and […] Students can create slideshows online from digital images. It is fast and easy. You can choose from Animoto’s royalty free music or upload your own. As a teacher, you can apply for a free educational account (see bottom left of website and look for Animoto…for education). Your students can create snazzy presentations and even […]

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