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Provide students with a questionnaire like this one: Find someone who… 1) has travelled to New York. ________ 2) has been on TV. ______ 3) has met a famous person. ______ etc….   The students are supposed to stand up and go around the classroom asking their classmates until someone has done so and if […]

This video presentation I made, has many recipes and ideas for teachers. All the activities are basic EFL activities that help teachers personalize lesson content and allow students to talk and learn English through their own lives and experiences. This is a crucial part of the language acquisition process….   Enjoy the viewing and find […]

Here’s a bunch of listening recipes!  Just read to your heart’s delight. Lots of small ideas that foster student listening skills and really make a difference in creating a fun and engaging classroom. Intensive Listening Activities

LESSONS IN A CAN Lessons in a Can are hundreds of lessons provided for free by EFL Classroom 2.0 Lots of downloads for each lesson explained in a simple way. Let me know which lessons you love!

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