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Everyone loves movies!

This is a great idea and a great way to have a very light but powerful lesson.

1.   Write some names of movies on the board.    Then give students 4 hints about one movie.  See if they can guess. Continue until all are off the board.

2.  Students have 2 minutes to think of all the movie titles possible. One person is the secretary in the group and writes them down all over a piece of paper.

3. Students in the group take turns and give 4 hints about the movie. They win if nobody can guess it after 4 hints.  Write some language on the board to help students.

  • ________________ starred in this movie.
  • The movie  plot is about ________________________
  • It was directed by ____________________________
  • It came out ___________________________________
  • The movie takes place ____________________________
  • It is a comedy / drama / crime / action / fantasy / romance  …….

Finish off by playing Guess The Movie – a nice movie quiz about guessing famous movie lines.


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