Recipes for April, 2010

A great way to start a class concentrating on the simple past. I usually engage everyone in a friendly chat, just to get them ready for the start of the lesson, then, when I know they are concentrated on me, I walk out of the classroom. Seconds later (after the chatter has died down a […]

Here is how I help my students learn their vocabulary! It has improved my students’ ability to recognize vocabulary and teaches them a way to learn vocabulary independently! It’s called Six Steps! We do them as an introductory lesson for new vocabulary. The Six Steps: 1. Look at the word 2. Hear the word 3. […]

Hi all,  This lesson is ideal for pre/intermediate classes to practice both future tense and comperatives/superlatives. First start with a quick discussion on music and the Ss’s favourite singers or bands etc. Then, tell them they’re going to organize their own music festival- a very special one to their own taste. Give them the following […]

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