Recipes for March, 2010

This is a fun way to teach negative commands, wake up the class or simply make them laugh. Write on the board “DON’T TOUCH ME”. Have the class say the phrase with you one or two times to get used to it. Some may already know it. Poke a student GENTLY on the shoulder or […]

This is a fun way to not only to incorporate singing into the lesson, but get the class moving. Find a section of an unfamiliar song that the students have probably never heard. Teach lyrics to the class using a powerpoint or handouts. Either way, lead the class through the song line by line and […]

Hello,       I’d like to share my idea to present reported speech for the first time in the classroom. It can be used with all level students. You just have to modify it according to the level.        It is a fun way of teaching reported speech. Ideally it is the best if you […]

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