Recipes for December, 2009

Conversation is the “art of exchange”. Students learn English but very seldom really learn the art of “holding a conversation” and making it a 2 way exchange. This technique helps this. Any time students are performing an activity: dialogue, discussion, task etc… train them to “pass the pen”. After speaking, the student passes the pen […]

PASS THE CHICKEN! The prop is the most important element to this game : ) To begin, all students sit in a circle. Select one person to be IT. That person holds the rubber chicken. The teacher or a “caller” says to the person holding the chicken, “Name five animals. Pass the chicken!” As soon […]

I was reminded of this game while watching an excellent Korean teacher’s English lesson this week. Pass the Paper (Snowball). Students in groups pass around a piece of paper while music plays. When it stops, whoever has the paper must answer the question or do a specific task.  In this game – finish the Christmas […]

First, come to class with some pictures you’ve cut out of a newspaper or magazine. Nice gift ideas. Tell the students it’s Christmas and walk around the class giving items. Stop at a student, handing them the picture and say, “Merry Christmas! Students if advanced must reply with more than “you’re welcome” and should use […]

This is a simple idea. Why not have your students make and write nice Christmas cards for each other? Simply use these templates or have them draw their own. First, review how to write a card by doing one as a whole class on the board. This will give them an idea of the appropriate […]

This lesson is simple and a wonderful way to celebrate X-mas.Get more resources/ideas on EFL Classroom’s Xmas resource page.   1. Watch The Great Toy Robbery. Put students in pairs and have one watch the screen, the other look away. Partner A describes what he is watching to Partner B who can’t see. Switch part […]

   I learned this just recently in a staff workshop (shows the power of peer learning/sharing!). thanks Rona!   Whatever vocabulary list / word bank you have – you can map it! Yes, just ask the students to draw a local map or a floor plan of a house or even a zoo layout. Next, […]

This is a great way for students to practice using sequential transitions (Firstly / Furthermore / last but not least).Great for just speaking practice but also presentation or debate classess. Provide the class with a list of topics (City living / Exercise / Learning English / being single).  Model whole class. The teacher is the […]

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